Manjunath Bangarya Naik (55 years) from Siddapur taluk is an eminent barefoot taxonomist cum agriculturists. He worked with Prof. Madhav Gadgil for several years in the field of forestry and ecology.

He assisted several researchers in the Western Ghats with respect to plants however, he can identify botanically more than 500 species of the Western Ghats. At present he established his own nursery at his village and raised very rare forestry species along with Arecanut, Cardamom, pepper. He also experimented and succeeded in intra-specific grafting of Uppage (Garcinia gummi-gutta). His nursery plants have reached several states of India and growing luxuriantly in several gardens. For his efforts in conserving wild forestry species as well as wild genetic resources, University of Agricultural Sciences has felicitated him as a progressive farmer and gene saver

FORGA has excellent relationship with him and collaborating with him in conserving rare plants of the Western Ghats also selling forestry and medicinal plants.