Services of FORGA

FORGA is a service oriented multidisciplinary organization. We look forward to construct healthy environment and tension free lifestyle. Hence FORGA renders variety of consultancy services to the people. Following are our main service areas of consultancy services to the people.

Value Addition

FORGA help communities to identify the potential agri as well as forest products to prepare value added products by using local resources. FORGA extends its expertise to provide trainings to communities to bring new products. The value added product from Western Ghats are mainly arrives from three categories

» Traditional food

» Traditional art

» GI products

» Capacity Building

Capacity Building

FORGA provides various kind of training programme to the community as well as different stakeholders like Government agencies, NGOs/development professionals on scientific farming, Organic farming, sustainable harvesting, enterprise creation, and value addition trainings.

Consultancy Services

FORGA has experts having scientific knowledge and vast field experience in forestry, farming as well as enterprise creation. Based on the vast knowledge base FORGA provides consultancy services in the following areas.

»Arecanut plantation

» Coconut plantation

» Medicinal plant cultivation

» Agro-forestry cultivation

» Organic farming

» Gardening

» Navagraha, Rashi vana, Ashoka vana, Nakshathra vana etc.

» Biodiversity park

» Avenue plantation

» Ecological assessment studies (Plant identification, Wildlife studies, birds, butterfly studies etc.)

» Soil & water testing

» Nature trekking

» Enterprise development

Seed Supply

FORGA is closely working with custodian farmers, progressive Farmers and different agencies to preserve the indigenous as well as economically important plant species. FORGA is dedicated to preserve the endemic plant species with the help of indigenous people and forest dwellers. In addition to preservation we are keen to reach these seeds to interested farmers.

In this way FORGA supplies plantain crop plants (Improved and traditional): Mango (grafted), Cashew (grafted), Jack (Grafted), Sapota, Teak, Acacia, Rubber, Forestry plants, Silver oak, Casuarina, ornamental plants, Medicinal plants, Vegetable seeds (Local & Hybrid), Seeds of forestry species. Apart from this FORG supplies traditional handicrafts sucha as Cane items, Bamboo items, Ceramic (Pottery) articles etc.