FORGA is a service oriented multidisciplinary organization born in the heart of Western Ghats of India mainly market natural forest-based products. Company’s primary goal is to secure the livelihood of indigenous people of Western ghat and conservation of plant resources by involving these people.

The vision of the company is that to supply natural plant based products to the people at a reasonable cost, however, a part of generated income will be used in the conservation of lovely nature and natural resources.

The company works with ecosystem people who especially dependent on forest products for their subsistence.

FORGA team engages traditional knowledge to produce value added products with rich nutrition and a wide range of medicinal properties from locally available resources and marketed through e-marketing.



Natural and clean product is still a nightmare for the people especially living in the city side. Western Ghats is abode of natural resources with varied diversity of nutritious as well as medicinally important plant species. There is a high demand for natural and healthy products in the market but supply is less or pure product is not so common.

So FORGA is trying to bridge the gap between traditional production centres and the modern society to get clean and natural food from Western Ghats to their door steps. We are trying to market the forest based products as well as natural food products which are healthier for the community.

In addition to this FORGA is trying to support the poor farmers or primary collectors to get a better market premium which will help them to improve their livelihood.

FORGA is trying to support the farmers or primary collectors to identify potential secondary value addition practices through some innovative research methods. This would help indigenous people to generate their income in large extent and bring them to main stream of marketing line and this also creates awareness among indigenous people in conservation and cultivation of traditional varieties.


FORGA will supply fresh, pure and natural products directly from Farm/Wild to the door steps of people in an affordable price. Primarily this company is people oriented. Since Western Ghats region is rich in living resources with wide range of food habits in the traditional communities. Local traditional knowledge which is linked to village ecosystems is purely empirical.

They represent a highly decentralized system of knowledge of health care which is community specific, local resource dependent, seasonal and region specific. Different communities prepare traditional food products which possesses knowledge of local foods and nutrition. Hence the products are developed by using traditional knowledge of ecosystem people and it would be the first effort by any company to release the traditional forest based food products into e-market channel.